Month: May 2014

Conventional Loan with Zero Borrower Contributions Now Available!

That’s right! Reduced Mortgage Insurance coverage, (A lot less than FHA) Low down payment, (Can be all a gift) and income-source flexibility considerations that can include boarder income, and income from an occupying co-borrower with an insufficient credit history. Also

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Adjustable vs. Fixed Rate Mortgages: Which Loan Program is Right for You?

One of the first questions that comes up when making the decision to purchase or refinance a home is, “What type of loan program should I get?” Here’s a tip on choosing between an adjustable or fixed rate mortgage. Adjustable

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Should I Pay My House Off?

My clients often ask me if it’s a smart idea to make additional payments toward the principal balance on a mortgage. The truth is, every person has different short- and long-term goals, and it’s a very personal decision. Owning a

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